The times of the straight-lined concrete walkway, deck or driveway are waning. Designs that incorporate sweeping curves or restricted radiuses are popular now than in the past. I understand that it does come across terribly to indicate we acquired high marks to do the course...which it could be percieved as arrogance to demonstrate that...but it is… Read More

Premier Plastics Inc. has 25 years' experience with executive design and installation of below surface septic tank alternatives. The key design component of poly septic tanks for below earth use is the level of resistance to compression buckling or pressure from the exterior in. This is other to above floor tanks where the pressure is from the insi… Read More

Because South Dakota is a rural status, approximately 25% of our residents rely after on-site wastewater systems to provide their wastewater treatment needs. These systems typically consist of a septic fish tank and a drainfield. South Dakota is rolling out unit installation requirements for on-site wastewater systems. These design requirements ens… Read More

THIS CONCRETE SEPTIC TANK is created from heavy duty cement and are designed to last. The pre-cast wall space can be sturdy or insulated and are well suited for both home house buildings & agricultural shed buildings. Our septic tanks & BioKast wastewater treatment systems come in a variety of sizes to match all domestic homes and larger applicatio… Read More

In 1948, Barney and Rosemarie Maguire founded Allied Cement Products, identified to build a lasting concrete business that deserved the trust of its customers. Through the entire years the business enterprise has grown, but only because of this steadfast dedication to never lose view of the satisfaction of the customer. All MOTHER EARTH NEWS commun… Read More